Carved Orange, Rusan’s

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Carved Orange, Rusans, Atlanta

ATLANTA, Georgia, February 11, 2008

I stopped off at Rusan’s in Adventure Plaza (ok, Edgewood Retail Center) for some quick sushi before a wifi session. Sitting alone at the bar is always fun if you like watching the chefs go at it, and that treat was made even better when one of the gentleman carved an orange for me to eat.

He presented it shyly and didn’t much watch me eat it, which was darn cute.

After examining it, I realized he had made two lateral cuts to the orange, in effect creating an oblong cylinder of the center of the orange, which was hollowed out and chopped into serving pieces. The bottom slice of the orange was pushed up inside the hollowed oblong cylinder, creating a bowl, while the top slice was carved into a flower shape and skewered into place.

Nice, huh? I’d like to try it sometime.

Carved Orange, Rusans, Atlanta

###Bottom slice, pushed into hollowed orange

Carved Orange, Rusans, Atlanta

###Top slice, carved into a flower

Carved Orange, Rusans, Atlanta

###Skewer, held in place by bottom slice