Delta Burke, I am

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Delta Delta Delta

ATLANTA, Georgia, November 4, 2007

Halloween day, 4 p.m.

Value Village, Atlanta’s premium thrift store offering on Moreland Ave., for a quick look around to see if I could find a better dress for my cheapo Corpse Bride throw-together costume.

But what to my wandering eyes should appear than this monstrosity of a red sweater dress combo, elegantly priced for $2?

Change of plans.

###Clearly, God wanted me to be Delta Burke for Halloween – Suzanne Sugarbaker, from Designing Women, of course.

With some horrific red press-on nails and a lot of hairspray, eyeshadow and blush, I was transformed into my most-favoritest Southern belle of all time.

The skirt portion of the dress came up to mid-chest, and the entire outfit was incredibly warm, but how can you resist that much metallic lame, tassels and fake fur?

I was thrilled.

Roommate was Mr. Fangs, the iconic Atlanta graffiti tag. (ugh, I feel like an adult typing that.)

Delta Fangs
###worst expressions ever

Earlier in the week, I sported a ghetto Corpse Bride getup – yep, those are Sharpie-drawn scars, and a $4.99 CVS wig.

zombie prom

zombie prom

We the raddest ladies at the Zombie Prom, for sure.