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Future of Farm Screening

My Role: Organizer
Timeframe: February 2, 2010
Organization Site:

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The first public engagement in Spring 2010 for the growBot Garden team was the “Future of Farm” screening at Parkgrounds Coffee in Reynoldstown, Georgia.

We curated a clip reel of various agricultural futures; culling from vintage agricultural propaganda movies, modern ag-robotics videos and other explorations of alt-agricultural systems.

A dual-screen setup was utilized for this event; wherein the clip reel was projected onto one screen, and a real-time feed of participant SMS-based conversation was projected on the second. Participants were able to engage in texting-based conversations during the screening.

After showing the clip reel, we engaged participants in a free-wheeling discussion that touched upon many topics, including the role of Georgia Tech in fostering conversations with local organic growers.

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